HMAS Success Supports Maritime Security Ops

The Royal Australian Navy’s oiler and replenishment ship HMAS Success has been very busy lately, not only delivering vital fuel and other goods to warships operating in the Middle East, but also delivering key operational effects under the Canadian-led Combined Task Force 150 (CTF-150).

Captain Nick Stoker from the Royal Australian Navy is currently the Deputy Commander of CTF-150. He said:

Multi role, highly capable ships such as HMAS Success can undertake a wide range of missions with great efficiency and flexibility.

For example, HMAS Success has provided outstanding support to counter-terrorism operations while continuing to deliver in her primary role as a replenishment oiler for Task Force 53.

HMAS Success is patrolling the Middle East’s busiest waterways in support of maritime security operations. The ship helps to ensure security, safety and freedom of navigation for commercial shipping in international waters, as well as building positive relations with local fishermen and merchants, developing CTF-150’s understanding of the maritime environment in the region.

HMAS Success is contributing to CTF-150’s focused efforts to intensify maritime security and counter-terrorism operations in order to deter and disrupt terrorist organisations from making illicit uses the seas to conceal their movements and funding.

Image: CMF