Yaroslav Mudry, Cola Head to Spanish Ceuta Port

Russian Navy’s Baltic Fleet (BF) frigate “Yaroslav Mudry” (727) met with tanker “Cola” in the Mediterranean Sea yesterday.

From that point the vessels deployed towards the Spanish Ceuta port on the Mediterranean coast of Africa, where they are expected to dock on February 10.

Until then the vessels will engage in a number of exercises involving communication training, refueling procedures, cargo transfer, and anchoring practice. Additionally Yaroslav Mudry will conduct sea targets identification using its radar systems.

From August 9, when it departed the main naval base of Baltiysk, Yaroslav Mudry sailed more than 22 thousand nautical miles. Along the way the vessel visited the Spanish Ceuta port, Valletta (Malta), Karachi (Pakistan), Jakarta (Indonesia), Penang (Malaysia), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Salalah (Oman).

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Naval Today Staff, Image: Russian Ministry of Defence

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