HNLMS Johan de Witt, JS Harusame Rendezvous in the Gulf of Aden

On Sunday 15 February, the EU Naval Force flagship, HNLMS Johan de Witt, and Japanese warship, JS Harusame, met at sea in the Gulf of Aden.

The new Force Commander of the EU Naval Force, Rear Admiral Jonas Haggren, welcomed the Commander of the Japanese Escort Division 2, Captain Masatoshi Kashihara, and representatives from his staff on board the EU Naval Force flagship.

Captain Kashihara reiterated the importance of coordination and cooperation between the counter-piracy Task Forces as the best way to deter and disrupt piracy and to help guarantee freedom of navigation in what is a very important strategic sea area.

During a guided tour of HNLMS Johan de Witt, Captain Kashihara and his delegation visited the warship’s Role 2 hospital, Joint Operations Room and on board bakery.

The Japanese delegation also visited the docking area where the two embarked CB90-class Fast Assault Crafts and Landing Craft Utility are stationed.

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