French Navy Official Meets with MARCOM Command Group

Today, the Deputy Chief of Staff “Naval Operations” of French Navy Rear Admiral Anne Cullere paid a first visit to NATO Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) to meet with the MARCOM Command Group.

During her visit Rear Admiral Cullere received comprehensive briefings on MARCOM’s on-going operations and activities to include those performed by NATO Submarines Command (COMSUBNATO), NATO Maritime Air Command (MARAIR) and the NATO Shipping Center. Rear Admiral Cullere expressed strong interest in the business run by MARCOM, to include the work entailed by the strategic changes, especially when it pertains to the High Readiness Forces – Maritime (HRF-M).

Deputy Commander NATO Allied Maritime Command, Vice Admiral Bruno PAULMIER, said:

Rear Admiral Cullere’s visit demonstrated again that the French Navy is of significant importance to future NATO training and operations – as it has been in the past – should our task groups be called to operate together in the future. The successful training conducted last month between Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) and the French Navy’s CHARLES DE GAULLE Carrier Strike Group (TF 473) across the Mediterranean Sea is a clear demonstration thereof.