Officials Discuss HMAS Success’ Range of Roles

HMAS Success is showing her versatility in a multi-role capacity while deployed to Operation MANITOU in the Middle East Region.

Commanding Officer Captain Justin Jones met with a small team from Combined Maritime Forces during a port visit recently to discuss his ship’s role.

In what was an Australian affair, his Combined Maritime Forces counterparts included the Australian Navy’s Captain Nick Stoker as the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander Combined Task Force 150, Captain Michael Turner as Director Operations, along with international counterparts Lieutenant Commander Mike Stefanson, Royal Canadian Navy and Major Don Phillip, Royal Canadian Air Force.

Captain Jones said:

We discussed the planned roles that Success will be required to undertake during its time on operations in the region.

It was during these discussions that the potential for Success to be utilised for a broader range of operational tasking was realised.

Success has a Level 2 boarding capability and has been tasked to conduct numerous approach and assist boardings as well as broader maritime engagement since joining the Combined Maritime Forces.

The embarked Seahawk helicopter, ‘Odin’, has been utilised on a daily basis to conduct surface-search missions and provide information about vessels in the area.

While Success is contributing to counter-terrorism and counter-smuggling operations, providing logistical support to coalition ships remains her primary tasking.

Image: Australian Navy