Pelicans Strengthen Bonds with Philippine Forces

The Pelicans of Patrol Squadron (VP) 45 hosted members of the Philippine air force and navy aboard a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon for a familiarization flight to increase understanding and showcase the capabilities of the Navy’s newest maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft during a detachment to Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines, Feb. 17.

The flight was a bilateral patrol mission in airspace off of Luzon Island and allowed the U.S. Navy air crew to demonstrate the P-8A’s capabilities in both the littoral and open ocean environment and the flight characteristics of the P-8A in both high altitude reconnaissance missions and low altitude patrol regimes. The air crew also explained the operation of the aircraft’s multi-mission sensors.

During the three-week detachment, Feb. 1 to Feb. 21, VP-45 executed more than 180 flight hours in support of U.S. 7th Fleet objectives to strengthen maritime partnerships in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.

The P-8A is the most advanced long range anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare aircraft in the world. A true multi-mission aircraft, it also provides superior maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability. Built on the proven Boeing 737 airframe, the transition to P-8A brings with it enhanced safety and reduced maintenance. The P-8 is significantly quieter than the P-3, requires less maintenance, and provides more on-station time.

The new P-8A is part of the Navy’s commitment to the Pacific rebalance, bringing latest technology to 7th Fleet to ensure the U.S. is best postured to honor its commitment to regional security and stability.

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Image: US Navy