HMS St Albans Tests Firepower off Norway

The firepower of Royal Navy warship HMS St Albans has been tested at a range off the coast of Norway.

The Portsmouth-based warship put down 160 rounds of high explosive on to an island range by day and night during training involving the Royal Navy, British Army and Norwegian commandos.

This was the most comprehensive test for the gun, which was installed during a £25m revamp completed in the vessel’s home base last year.

The frigate was the last ship in the Fleet to receive the latest version of the 4.5in gun, which has served the Royal Navy for more than 40 years.

Petty Officer Lisa Lee said:

This exercise was the most stressful test the gun has had to date and it performed really well.

The gunnery was directed by the experts of 148 Battery Royal Artillery, a Royal Artillery Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer and Norwegian Navy Coastal Ranger Commandos.

It came hot on the heels of another shoot off the Dorset coast as part of a week of training for the Royal Navy’s prospective principal warfare officers.

Image: Royal Navy