USS America Fully Certified in Air Operations

Harriers arrived aboard USS America (LHA 6) for the first time this week while underway off the coast of San Diego.

The arrival of the Harriers marks a significant step for America in becoming fully certified in air operations.

With the arrival of Harriers, there was increased pressure in the week leading to the certification.

The air department aboard America received vital training from the Marine Attack Squadron (VMA) 311 “Tomcats” at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma, Arizona. The airfield is painted in the design of a ship to prepare service members with an exact representation of what they will see in their own work environments. The training is designed to provide various situations for the handlers on the flight deck.

By becoming fully certified in all air operations, America was able to let marine expeditionary units certify their aircraft for upcoming deployments.

With America being fully certified in all air operations combined with their training and experience, they will be ready for any and all challenges that lie ahead.

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Image: US Navy