Exercise Good VI Kicks Off

Exercise Good VI commenced on Monday, 2 March, with the arrival of three German vessels; FSG Hessen, FSG Brandenburg and FSG Karlsruhe.

This is a joint exercise taking place every two years between the South African Navy (SAN), South African Air Force (SAAF), the German Navy (GEN) and the German Air Force. The aim of the exercise is to strengthen bonds of friendship, promote existing ties between “Brother Navies” and enhance military cooperation.

Exercise Good VI Kicks Off2

The participating German Navy ships will be alongside in Simon’s Town from 2 until 6 March. During this phase the ships will be conducting Harbour Training including informal interactions while alongside. The Task Group will leave Simon’s Town harbour on Monday, 9 March, for a three day Force Integration Training at sea.

They will be open to visitors during the SA Navy Festival, 20-22 March 2015.

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Image: SA Navy