HMAS Parramatta Starts Missile Defence Upgrade

Australian Navy’s HMAS Parramatta embarked on an important mission in February – the Anti Ship Missile Defence upgrade.

The upgrade will involve a seven month deployment for ship’s company as they transit west and return with HMAS Warramunga in September 2015 to her home at Fleet Base East while Parramatta will remain in upgrade and return to Sydney in 2016.

Enroute to Fleet Base West, Parramatta made a weekend port visit to Devonport, Tasmania to provide an opportunity for the crew to have some recovery and respite prior to commencing the upgrade.

During the transit to Fleet Base West, Parramatta supported Navy’s training aims by being a host platform for Plan METEOR. This is the second time Parramatta has participated in Plan METEOR, with the first time resulting in eleven Marine Technician Operator qualifications being earned.

The ship spent two weeks at sea before arriving at Fleet Base West where a crew swap across to HMAS Warramunga will occur. The crew will spend the remainder of their time in the west getting Warramunga ready to return to Fleet Base East where it is to be home ported.

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Image: Australian Navy