Scan Eagle Tested aboard Spanish Navy’s LPD Galicia

The sea trials of the UAV ‘Scan Eagle’ on board the Spanish Navy’s Landing Platform Dock ship (LPD) ‘Galicia’ have successfully concluded.

She was the first Spanish Navy warship to launch, operate and recover an unmanned air vehicle.

During the first sea trials, the UAV was 7 hours airborne with ranges of up to 40 miles. All its systems were tested as well as the standard reaction procedures in case of go-around landings. The UAV was successfully recovered at the end of the different trials.

On the second day, personnel from the CEMEDEM (Electromagnetic Measures Center) tested its performance in view of possible electromagnetic interferences from the ship’s EM emitters.

The ‘Scan Eagle’ sea trials were conducted with assistance of personnel from the Logistic Support Directorate (JAL), the CEMEDEM, the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA), the U.S. firm ‘Insitu’ and further support from a helicopter belonging to the 6th Aircraft Squadron.

Image: Spanish Navy