FGS Bayern, JS Harusame Engage in Drills in Gulf of Aden

On Friday 6th March 2015 German frigate, FGS Bayern and Japanese destroyer, JS Harusame, met at sea for a joint tactical communications exercise in the Gulf of Aden.

Prior to the start of the exercise the commander of the 20th Japanese Surface Force, Captain Masatoshi Kashihara, and members of his crew flew across to FGS Bayern. They were welcomed on board by the warship’s commanding officer, Commander Frank Fähnrich.

During the exercise both ships practised sending operational messages via the internationally recognised Morse Code and flag signals. Captain Kashihara observed the exercise from the Bridge and afterwards congratulated both teams on their professionalism and skill.

Commander Fähnrich took the opportunity to talk to the Japanese delegation about their operational experiences at sea.

On completion of the exercise, FGS Bayern and JS Harusame conducted a traditional “sail-pass“ before they resumed their counter-piracy operations.

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