USS Essex Recognized for Its Efforts

The Wasp-class amphibious assault ship USS Essex (LHD 2) was awarded the San Diego Military Advisory Council Achievement (SDMAC) Award and Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Afloat Environmental Award January 2015.

The awards covered Essex’s achievements in the areas of volunteerism and environmentalism throughout the calendar year of 2014 and were submitted for consideration December 2014.

The SDMAC award is earned by commands that excel in giving back to the local communities that house them. Essex managed to stand out from its peers by being a “regional force for good,” participating in the Partners in Education program with Sunset Elementary and Chula Vista Veterans Elementary school.

In addition, Essex also hosted numerous outreach events when participating in Seattle Sea Fair, including volunteering at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Pacific Northwest Food Bank.

The CNO Afloat Environmental Award recognizes commands that pull ahead as leaders of keeping their nation clean and energy efficient.

Essex embodied this award by implementing programs that allowed it to minimize and control air and water pollution, improve waste management and prevent oil spills.

Image: US Navy