HMS Tyne Resumes Duties

Following an extensive refit period in January, Royal Navy’s River-class patrol ship HMS Tyne has swiftly resumed her duties, protecting natural resources and the integrity of her territorial waters.

2015 will be a busy year for the Fishery Protection Squadron vessel, whose primary task remains the enforcement of UK and EU regulations intended to preserve sustainable levels of fish stocks in UK’s waters.

Other duties comprise constabulary activities such as maintaining safety and security at sea and other activity that supports the United Kingdom’s national interests.

Tyne has already completed a number of patrols around our coastline this year, supporting a wide variety of training and operational activity. Notably Tyne hosted students of the International Principal Warfare Officer training programme for their sea-phase gunnery exercises.

The ship’s company learned more about international counterparts from Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe as well as providing Tyne’s weapon crews an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to a wider audience.

Image: Royal Navy