Theodore Roosevelt CSG Joins 6th Fleet

The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (TRCSG) entered 6th Fleet in support of U.S. national security interests in Europe, March 16.

The TRCSG consists of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 12, Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 2 staff, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), the guided-missile cruiser USS Normandy (CG 60), and the guided-missile destroyers USS Farragut (DDG 99), USS Forrest Sherman (DDG 98) and USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81).

The strike group’s various ships will work with allied and partner nations throughout Europe in order to continue building existing partnerships and improve war-fighting capability and interoperability. Ships will also visit various ports while in 6th Fleet.

The five ships and nine aircraft squadrons of TRCSG consist of approximately 6,000 Sailors and Marines who have spent the last year conducting intensive training and certification exercises to establish a safe, cohesive organization capable of performing a wide variety of missions across the globe, ranging from counter-piracy and ground support operations to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Image: US Navy