HMS Lancaster to Start Nine-Month Atlantic Patrol

Sailors on board HMS Lancaster are scheduled to deploy on a nine-month Atlantic patrol on Saturday.

The vessel will leave Portsmouth for the Atlantic patrol where she will take over from HMS Dragon.

The ship expects to cover in excess of 30,000 nautical miles and visit up to eighteen different countries.

The deployment, which takes the ship across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, will build on the UK’s strong ties with its allies and continue the UK’s commitment to the region. This is the third Portsmouth-based ship to leave on operations this month, following HMS Duncan and HMS Richmond.

At the same time, HMS Lancaster will be the first ship to wear the Royal Navy’s first new uniform in 70 years. Replacing the Action Working Dress known as No4s – the traditional lighter-blue shirt and trousers worn by sailors at sea – it is the first major change to naval dress since the Second World War. The new clothing is dark blue and more modern, comfortable and fire retardant.

It can be adapted to different climates, will offer more protection from flash fires and is designed to address corporate image with more Royal Navy branding, notably a large White Ensign on the left shoulder.

Badges denoting rank will also be worn at the front rather than on the shoulders.

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Image: LA(PHOT) Des Wade