USNA Superintendent Visits Spanish Naval Academy

On March 17th and 18th Vice-admiral Ted Carter, Superintendent of the U.S. Navy Naval Academy (USNA) paid a visit to the Spanish Naval Academy (ENM) to strengthen the ties between the two institutions and to learn of the teaching activities.

Vice-admiral Carter was welcomed by the Spanish Superintendent, Captain Juan Luis Sobrino, and was toured around the Academy where he was briefed on the day-to-day activities and the implementation of the new teaching models and syllabus for future naval officers. The U.S. Navy Superintendent embarked on some of the ships where midshipmen regularly train and become acquainted with the sea.

The visit continued with a tour around the different facilities where the future officers train and live.

The U.S. Navy Flag Officer also delivered a lecture on leadership to the students and shared a luncheon in the Students’ mess room. This is the second time a U.S. Navy Superintendent visits the Spanish Naval Academy.

Agreements between Allied Navies

This visit served to strengthen the existing ties between both Navies in general, and their Naval Academies in particular. Since the year 2006 there is a midshipmen exchange program whereby six U.S. candidates study six months in Marín and six Spanish students do so in the U.S. Naval academy. Likewise an exchange program for lecturers exists between both Academies.
Around 4,500 midshipmen study at the USNA during four years where 25 different degrees are offered, most of them connected with science, technology and engineering.

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Image: Spanish Navy