German, Italian Navies Exchange Crew Members

During the joint German-Italian military exercise SMART HUNT 2015, the Navies conducted a crew exchange.

From February 15th to March 6th an Officer of the Italian Navy Submarines Command and Submarine Training Instructor, worked on board of the German submarine U33.

Several different military exercises have taken place during the SMART HUNT 2015, during which, other than the submarine U33, cooperated the PLANET and the MAIN units, also German.

The Italian units participating were the submarine Scirè, U33’s twin, and the new frigate ASW Margottini. Also employed were airplanes and helicopters specialized in anti-submarine warfare.

The U212A is the last in a series of projects of Italo-German cooperation, and is part of the ongoing integration of the European Armies.

Image: Italian Navy