SNMCMG2 Takes Part in Ordnance Disposal Operation

The NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) joined the operation FR HOD (Historical Ordnance Disposal) Baie de la Somme.

The group will be working in an area facing the Dieppe harbour in a series of activities such as WW2 mines clearing operations and the sharing of operative procedures concerning the fight against naval mines aimed at getting safer commercial routes and free navigation. The operation started yesterday, March 23, and will conclude on March 30.

Prior to joining the operation, SNMCMG2 participated in Operation Beneficial Cooperation 15 which took place off Belgium and the Netherlands. On its way to Baie de la Somme the group visited the port of Cherbourg, France.

Like in the previous Belgian-Dutch operation, the focus will once again be put on retrieval, identification and neutralization, through counter-mining operations during FR HOD.

REMUS 100, an autonomous underwater vehicle on board the Nave Euro, along with other highly technological means will be used in the operation. Nave Euro will afterwards head south returning to the Mediterranean Sea.

This represents the group’s last operation under the Italian command.

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Image: Italian Navy