VBSS Boarding Officer Course Restructured

The Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) announced the successful implementation of changes to the Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) Boarding Officer course, March 20.

William Goodnoh, who serves as the course curriculum model manager for VBSS and advanced tactics, said:

The changes to the course were nearly across the board from mission planning to the various types of boarding. This stems from major changes to the references that drive the fleet’s training requirements and to the biometric gear itself.

Goodnoh highlighted a new blended-learning aspect to the course, which keeps students actively engaged in the learning process. Rather than have boarding officers sit in a classroom for four days and then apply learned skills in a practical exercise, they now begin building their learned skills in lock step or sync with the course.

Goodnoh pointed out that this blended-learning approach keeps the students engaged in the training and with the instructors. Instead of sharing old sea stories during breaks, students now discuss course topics such as biometrics because of this new learning approach.

The advantage, he added, is that a boarding officer can now pick from among the best of his/her team and train that person or personnel to perform the collection of biometrics when required by the mission task.

The Center for Security Forces provides specialized training to more than 28,000 students each year. It has 14 training locations across the United States and around the world.

Image: US Navy