Japan Receives Biggest Warship Since WWII

The biggest Japanese warship since the WWII was delivered to Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force.

The vessel, named Izumo, represents the latest move in Japan’s expansion of naval capabilities.

Reuters quoted Gen Nakatani, Japan’s Minister of Defense, as saying that “the vessel can serve in a wide range of roles including peace keeping operations, international disaster relief and aid.” He added that Izumo, a helicopter carrier, improves the country’s anti-submarine capability.

With a length of 248m, width of 38.0m and a crew of about 520 sailors, the vessel can reach the maximum speed of about 30 knots.

The vessel handover ceremony was conducted at Japan United Marine shipyard in Yokohama.

Izumo will be based at Yokosuka, Japan.

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Naval Today Staff, Image: JMUC