UK, Gabon Join in Gulf of Guinea Exercise

Royal Navy sailors are taking part in an exercise in the Gulf of Guinea to increase maritime safety and security in the region.

Currently on her way home from Atlantic Patrol Tasking (South), HMS Dragon is taking part in Exercise Obangame Express with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary tanker, Gold Rover alongside maritime forces from Africa, Europe, South America and the US.

Hosted by US Africa Command (AFRICOM) the nine day exercise has been designed to improve regional cooperation and information-sharing practices, while stopping illegal activity at sea.

HMS Dragon and RFA Gold Rover have been working with Gabonese boarding teams to build on their expertise.

Lieutenant Commander Andy Bray, Dragon’s Logistics Officer, said:

Both the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Boarding Teams hosted 11 Gabonese Marine Fusiliers for a morning of tactical training and a boarding exercise using Gold Rover as the boarded vessel.

Obangame Express 15 tactical command officer Captain John Rinko said:

Every nation represented in the exercise plays a critical role in not only their own nation’s maritime security, but the security of the entire region.

During this exercise, we will not only work to enhance tactical and operational maritime security capabilities, but to improve international and inter-agency coordination for responding to threats to maritime security.

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Image: Royal Navy