Ex Good Hope Comes to an End

The last week of Ex Good Hope VI started with the departure of the participating ships from Simon’s Town False Bay Harbour on Monday, 23 March 2015 after taking part in the 2015 SA Navy Festival.

The ships left the harbour to make their way to Overburg Shooting range. Part of the tactical objectives of the Ex Good Hope VI was to train and promote naval skills and exchange expertise in harbour and at sea. The final week of the exercise included various weapons firing, missile firing and replenishment at sea exercises.

After leaving harbour, the vessels conducted a live firing of the 20mm-gun exercise against launched target. Both starboard and portside 20mm guns at the bridge of SAS SPIOENKOP were made ready for firing. The target was launched by FSG KARLSRUHE. The Surface Weapon Operator Leading Seaman T.D. Molotsi managed to hit the target in a short space of time assisted by Surface Weapon Operator Leading Seaman R.J. Kodisa and Petty Officer P.D. Fourie.

On Tuesday, 24 March, beam Replenishment At Sea was (RAS) conducted by FSG Berlin on FSG KARLSRUHE and FSG HESSEN separately. While the ships were conducting beam RAS, SAS SPIOENKOP conducted close approaches. This was done to sharpen the communication and navigation skills of the personnel on the bridge.

The highlight of the final week was the firing of missiles. Tactical missile firing by FSG KARLSRUHE and FSG HESSEN was conducted from 24 March to 25 March using air targets.

FSG BERLIN, FSG KARLSRUHE and FSG HESSEN returned to Simon’s Town False Bay Harbour at the end of Ex Good Hope VI on Wednesday 25 March. Upon arrival in the harbour FSG BERLIN hosted learners from Simon’s Town High School Lawhill Maritime Centre for a tour.

SAS SPIOENKOP returned to Simon’s Town False Bay Harbour on Friday, 27 March, after setting up the tracking accuracy measuring system and conducting tests of the system at sea. After the return of SAS SPIOENKOP a Commander Task Group luncheon function was held at Maritime Warfare Training Centre later that day.

The strategic, operational and tactical objectives of Ex Good Hope VI were met through various demonstrations and evolutions conducted during the exercise. The lessons learned will be used to maintain full operational readiness of the SA Navy.

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Image: SA Navy