Indian, Sri Lankan Naval Forces Engage in Training

On completion of their three-day visit, the Indian Naval Ships “TIR”, “KESARI”, “SUDARSHANI” and Indian Coast Guard Ship “VARUNA” joined with four Sri Lankan Naval Ships and six Fast Attack Craft in the seas off Trincomalee for a combined three-hour naval exercise in the morning hours on 30th March 2015.

At the end of the in-harbour training related to the theoretical professional training for the officers, sailors and under-trainees of both the navies, this exercise provided them with a practical-based training in real conditions. Apart from the training aspect, the exercise was a great advantage to evaluate system compatibility and interoperability between the two navies, which are important in joint-force operations.

Maneuvering, station keeping, replenishment-at-sea, maintaining of formations, man-over-board procedures were practised with the involvement of both the navies, not only to train personnel in a challenging environment, but also to enhance the co-operation, co-ordination and the friendship of two regional navies which play an effective role in maintaining peace in the Indian Ocean.

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Image: Sri Lanka Navy