Italian Navy Clears Mines in the Mediterranean Sea

Italian Navy’s ship Chioggia and the Operational Divers Group (GOS) from the Comsubin performed the mine clearing operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

The GOS, with a sophisticated equipment on board, plumbed to the depths of the area between the southern Tirrenian Sea and the northern Ionian Sea within a week; three of the four explosive devices signaled by the institutional prefect authorities have been removed. The devices constituted a danger to the navigation and had to be removed urgently.

The operation started with the clearing of a mine in the waters facing Capri Island (Naples), followed by the blasting of an aerial bomb in Acciaroli (Salerno) and the removal of a third device near Leporano (Taranto). The operation, still ongoing, will relocate and neutralize a possible WW2 device signalled in the waters facing San Felice Circeo (Latina).

The results have confirmed the skills of the Italian Navy in the fields of research and subacquean investigation, skills that the Navy often provides to the civilian community (dual use), employing its men and means in locating dangers in both national and international waters, providing a safe navigation for everyone living and operating on the sea.

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Image: Italian Navy