MRH-90 Crew Recognized Prior to Deployment

HMAS Albatross-based 808 Squadron was awarded the qualification of Operational Capability Maritime 1 just in time to deploy for Operation PACIFIC ASSIST 2015.

This recognition allows Navy to independently allocate the MRH-90 multirole helicopter to amphibious ships and undertake a range of previously non-permissible flying operations.

Flight Commander embarked in HMAS Tobruk Lieutenant Commander David Tindall said the importance in achieving the qualification unlocks the potential of the MRH-90.

Commanding Officer Tobruk Commander Leif Maxfield added that having a MRH-90 was indispensable, as there was no faster way to distribute supplies, provide medical help, or access remote communities than by helicopter.

Lieutenant Commander Tindall commented that like all Australian Defence Force personnel involved in Operation PACIFIC ASSIST 2015, the maintainers and flight crew of the MRH-90 were given little notice they would be departing for Vanuatu.

Image: Australian Navy