LCS Crew 103 Wins CNO Afloat Safety Award

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Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Crew 103, currently embarked aboard the littoral combat ship USS Fort Worth (LCS 3) was announced as a recipient of the FY-2014 Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Afloat Safety Award, April 15.

In an official naval message released by the Navy Safety Center, LCS Crew 103 was named winner of the award for Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet, littoral warfare category.

According to the message, this award recognizes outstanding contributions to fleet readiness, increased morale, efficiency and economical use of resources through safety.

In addition to an outstanding safety record, LCS Crew 103 had an aggressive safety program that actively contributed to increased mishap prevention, including comprehensive and professional internal safety reporting.

Fort Worth is the first LCS to deploy under the “3-2-1″ manning concept, which allows LCS to sustain a 16-month forward presence without fatiguing the crew during the extended deployment. Under this concept, three rotational crews will support two LCS ships and maintain one deployed ship.

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Image: US Navy

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