HMAS Canberra Practices Evacuation Procedure

A small group of sailors from Landing Helicopter Dock NUSHIP Adelaide had the chance to try out their acting skills this month when sister ship, HMAS Canberra conducted Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation and Evacuation Handling Centre exercises.

A non-combatant evacuation is conducted in support of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade whereby Australian nationals and approved foreign nationals are evacuated from countries when their lives are endangered by war, civil unrest or natural disaster.

The Landing Helicopter Docks are the largest ships ever built for the Navy and were designed for this type of operation. Canberra and Adelaide will be able to conduct a range of roles including large scale amphibious operations, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions.

During an evacuation, Canberra will deploy its landing craft to embark evacuees from a predetermined point ashore. Evacuees will then be transported to the Landing Helicopter Dock where they will be processed through a Evacuation Handling Centre by the ship’s staff. They will be accounted for, treated for any injuries or illnesses and assigned temporary accommodation onboard the ship.

Canberra will soon complete her First of Class Flight Trials and return to her home port of Sydney for a short period of respite. In the second half of May, she will commence a work up period that extends across all her capabilities in order to achieve Unit Readiness later this year.

Image: Australian Navy