MacArtney to Equip FREMM Frigates with Connectivity Solutions

MacArtney Underwater Technology has been awarded the contract to supply SubConn underwater connectivity solutions for the cutting-edge, bow mounted sonar systems that are essential to the impressive undersea threat detection and response capability of the advanced FREMM frigates currently operated by the French, Italian and Moroccan navies.

In close cooperation with leading naval defence technology contractors; Thales (France) and WASS* (Italy), MacArtney has designed and delivered the ‘outboard’ and ‘inboard’ cable and connector solutions that interface all sonar elements and connect these to the on board communications and power network.

Installed onboard the vessel, the Thales sonar suite offers unparalleled performance levels including very high anti-submarine detection ranges and efficient simultaneous torpedo defence capabilities.

The FREMM name represents a class of European multipurpose frigates designed by DCNS (France) and Orizzonte Sistemi Navali (Italy).

Image: DCNS