Australian Navy Disrupts Terrorism Funding

The funding of terrorism has taken a hit thanks to the efforts of Australian Navy personnel who completed a five-month rotation with Combined Task Force 150 in Bahrain on 6 April.

Working under Canadian command, seven Navy personnel were involved with tasking Allied naval vessels to intercept drugs flowing from the Makran coast to places such as Yemen or Tanzania.

Lieutenant Commander Kellie Bolt served on the recent rotation and said stopping the flow of drugs to fund terrorists wasn’t the limit of the mission.

The mission was effectively a mandate on counterterrorism in any sphere.

It’s about using any assets we get allocated to stop any terrorist organisation using the sea.

That could be anything from narcotic trafficking to communications; it’s all related to anti-terrorism operations.

The mission covers about 2.4 million sqkm including the Red Sea along with the gulfs of Aden and Oman.

Ships, aircraft and personnel from more than 30 nations including France, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

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Image: Australian Navy