Welcome Home HMS Pembroke

Royal Navy mine hunter HMS Pembroke returned home on Thursday, April 23, to HM Naval Base Clyde following a four-month deployment.

The Sandown Class Mine Counter Measures Vessel has been assigned to NATO’s Mine Counter Measures Group 1 since January this year, operating in the Baltic and North Sea.

During the deployment, HMS Pembroke was joined by NATO partners – Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Belgium – to form NATO Mine Counter Measure Group 1.

Operating in the Baltic and North Seas, HMS Pembroke and the Group used sophisticated mine hunting sonar to locate nine World War Two bombs, torpedoes and mines in the Baltic.

Expert divers from HMS Pembroke placed markers on the mines, allowing the vintage ordnance to be safely disposed of at a later date.

The team later dealt with a 500lb bomb in the North Sea and also took the opportunity to conduct a poignant service off Normandy, commemorating the sinking of wartime destroyer HMS Isis.

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Image: Royal Navy