Dynamic Mongoose 2015 Begins

NATO’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 2015 (DMON 15) began today, Monday, 4 May 2015, off the coast of Norway, with ships, submarines, aircraft and personnel from 10 Allied and 1 partner nation converging on the Norwegian Sea for anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare training.

Submarines from Germany, Norway, Sweden and the United States, under operational control of NATO Submarine Command (COMSUBNATO), will join thirteen surface ships from Canada, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States under the command of Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG-2) Rear Admiral Brad Williamson. The surface ships will include the Norwegian Research Vessel H.U.SVERDRUP II and the NATO Research Vessel NRV Alliance. As the host nation for the exercise, Norway is providing support from both the Haakonsvern Naval Base and the Sola Air Base.

To support the simulated multi-threat environment, three Maritime Patrol Aircraft from France and Germany will operate from Sola Air Base under operational command of personnel from NATO Maritime Air Command (COMMARAIR), temporarily located at the base for the exercise.

Additionally, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom are providing personnel to augment COMSUBNATO during the exercise.

The aim of this exercise is to provide all participants with complex and challenging warfare training to enhance their interoperability and proficiency in anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare skills. DMON15 provides emphasis on the safety of all participants.

This year NRV ALLIANCE, operated by NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) will participate the exercise. NRV Alliance conducts underwater research and experiments in all oceans of strategic importance to NATO nations, from the Mediterranean to the polar margins of the North Atlantic.

Each surface ship under the tactical command of SNMG2 will have the opportunity to conduct a variety of submarine warfare operations. The submarines will take turns hunting and being hunted, closely coordinating their efforts with the air and surface participants.

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