Göteborg, Sweden Hosts SNMCMG1

On Friday, May 1, the seven ships of Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group ONE (SNMCMG1), under the command of Dutch Navy Commander Peter A.J. Bergen Henegouwen, arrived in the port of Göteborg for a routine port visit.

The flagship of SNMCMG1 is FGS DONAU, an ELBE-class German tender. The mine hunters assigned include BNS LOBELIA (Belgium), HMS QUORN (UK), and FGS AUERBACH (Germany), HNLMS WILLEMSTAD (Netherlands), ORP MEWA (Poland), and HNOMS RAUMA (Norway).

Commander Bergen Henegouwen took command of the Group from the Lithuanian Navy on January 22 during a port visit to Den Helder, The Netherlands.

The Group continues to play an integral role as it deploys in support of sustained assurance measures following completion of this port visit.

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