Brazilian Navy’s Sao Paulo Support Deal Awarded

Zentech has been awarded a contract to perform a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of the hull steel for Brazilian Navy’s Aircraft Carrier Sao Paulo.

Zentech will perform the work using the patented methodology of its ZAIMSTM (Zentech’s Asset Integrity Management SolutionTM) system to assist the Brazilian Navy in assessing the sea-worthiness of the vessel’s hull. The initial work involves corrosion inspection, condition evaluation and detailed analysis of the carrier’s hull integrity, including the creation of 3D models to accurately map the results of the vessel’s hull gauging for further detailed analytical work, and ultimately providing recommendations regarding steel replacement. Beyond Phase One, Zentech will provide ongoing assistance to the Navy through a five-year maintenance support contract.

James Cook, Managing Director of Zentech do BrasilTM in Rio de Janeiro, said the work will be primarily performed by personnel from the Rio facility, augmented by other Zentech offices as needed.

Image: Brazilian Navy

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