HMCS Calgary Tests Weapons Capabilities

In less than 12 months, HMCS Calgary has fired a total of 12 missiles in support of the modernization of weapons capabilities of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

Since Calgary achieved high readiness status last spring, post-Halifax Class Modernization (HCM), ship and crew have played an integral part in testing the capabilities of the weapons systems and the enhancements that were fitted on board as part of the HCM upgrades.

The ship’s most recent missile testing at the Pacific Missile Firing Range near Hawaii was the third installment of a series of live firing tests over the course of 2014-2015 that began upon completion of RIMPAC 2014.

Another milestone for HMCS Calgary is the upcoming 20th anniversary celebrations in May. Celebrations will include a day sail, the traditional annual Cowboy Up event at CFB Esquimalt, and a pancake breakfast for families and friends in the community.

Image: Canadian Navy

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