Australian, Brunei Forces Engage in Exercise PENGUIN 2015

Patrol boat crew Assail Two has recently completed Exercise PENGUIN 2015, embarked in Australian Navy’s HMAS Armidale, bringing to a close a four day exercise that included harbour and sea phases as well as social and sports activities.

With the aim of being held every two years, this year’s exercise was attended by Armidale and the Royal Brunei Navy’s KDB Daruttaqwa and KDB Syafatt.

A two day harbour phase finalised detailed planning needed for the execution of a busy and challenging sea phase and also provided the opportunity for Assail Two to mix socially with their Bruneian colleagues.

The exercise culminated in the 30 hour sea phase, the highlights of which were two boarding exercises, and a night encounter exercise which had the vessels divide into two teams for a game of maritime cat and mouse amongst the Bruneian oilfields. The sea phase also included officer of the watch manouevres, screen exercises, replenishment at sea approaches and co-operative tracking of a contact of interest.

The boarding exercises in particular facilitated close personal interaction between personnel from both navies.

Image: Australian Navy