Jordan, US Develop Skills During Eager Lion

During Exercise Eager Lion 2015, Jordanian and U.S. forces are training shoulder-to-shoulder to be prepared for whatever challenges await.

The exercise aims to create “muscle memory” for personnel from different cultures who may need to work together seamlessly as one team if a crisis calls for a joint response.

This year’s exercise is the fifth annual Eager Lion, taking place in various locations around the host Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where Jordanian and U.S. military personnel are joined by representatives of 16 other countries and international participants.

Al Sharah said Jordanians and Americans are learning to work together at three levels: Strategic, operational and tactical.

The partnership not only multiplies the manpower and equipment resources available to both sides, but also creates interoperability and personal relationships that will be established and ready when called on to respond to a real-world crisis.

During Eager Lion 2015, the CFLMCC team is coordinating responses to a series of simulated scenarios involving a fictitious enemy force. The exercise is taking place in multiple locations throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where the allied forces will face staged challenges to border security, command and control, cyber defense and battle space management.

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Image: US Navy