HNLMS Tromp Carries Out Damage Control Drill

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Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) Dutch ship HNLMS Tromp (F 803) conducted a multiple-event damage control exercise May 15, taking advantage of transit time between the completion of exercise Dynamic Mongoose and her next port of call.

Sailors aboard TROMP began the exercise with a simulated vessel collision that set into effect several casualties along the ship such as flooding, fuel spill, fire and medical emergency. Damage control teams were dispatched to the affected areas simultaneously from various locations throughout the ship.

The drill contained two fires and five flooding-type events to include hull damage and fuel overflows. The ship’s casualty response teams gained control of the events in as little as 20 minutes from gear dress out to final desmoking and dewatering.

Naval forces each have their own unique training schedules including seamanship, daily maneuvers, and warfare training. However, damage control plays a pivotal role aboard any naval vessel.

Tromp is currently deployed to the North Sea with SNMG2, contributing to security, stability and NATO’s situational awareness in the region.


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