Royal Navy Sailors Remember Dunkirk Evacuation

Patrol boats HMS Trumpeter and Ranger and sailors from HMS Collingwood crossed the English Channel with the little ships of Dunkirk, France, to mark the 75th anniversary of the evacuation.

They are taking part in four days of events in the French port in memory of the miracle of deliverance which saw more than a third of a million men rescued in May and June 1940.

HMS Trumpeter and Ranger joined the ‘little ships of Dunkirk’ as they crossed the Channel.

The patrol boats accompanied around 50 small craft, veterans of the massive effort to save the British Expeditionary Force from annihilation in May and June 1940, from Ramsgate to the French port.

More than 338,000 British and French troops were rescued during Operation Dynamo, most picked up by larger vessels from Dunkirk port.

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Image: Royal Navy