Nearly 370 People Saved by HMS Bulwark

Nearly 370 people – 50 of them children – were saved by HMS Bulwark in her third rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean.

The lifesaving incident was one of five being played out at the same time off the Libyan coast as Europe’s navies responded to the humanitarian crisis.

The assault ship put five of her eight landing craft – each converted into a rescue boat, loaded with lifejackets, medical facilities and emergency supplies – to save one group of migrants, including 50 children, from one boat located off the Libyan coast.

Once they were safely aboard the amphibious assault ship, Bulwark prepared to receive 368 more migrants picked up by German frigate FGS Hessen and the Irish Navy corvette LÉ Eithne.

In all, there were five ‘Safety of Life at Sea’ (SOLAS) incidents running at the same time yesterday in the Mediterranean, involving British, Italian, German and Irish naval forces who are committed to the international lifesaving mission, codenamed Operation Weald by the UK.

Since beginning Operation Weald earlier this month, Bulwark has so far rescued or cared for 1,463 people.

Image: Royal Navy