HMS Portland Sails to the Faroe Islands

HMS Portland has visited the Faroe Islands and became the first Royal Navy warship to visit the small island nation in 25 years.

The frigate visited the Faroes – half way between Norway and the Iceland – for 48 hours while taking part in an anti submarine warfare (ASW) exercise in the North Atlantic.

The short visit provided the ship’s company with a break from the 6 hours on 6 hours off routine they had been running during the exercise.

The ship berthed in Kollafjørõur, a village at the head of a fjord 13 nautical miles from the nation’s capital, Torshavn.

HMS Portland’s visit comes nearly 25 years to the day after HMS Brilliant was the last RN Warship to visit the Faroe Islands in May 1990.

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Image: Royal Navy