SA Navy’s Simulation Centre Officially Opened

On Friday, 29 May 2015 the Chief of the South African Navy, Vice Admiral M.S. Hlongwane, cut the ribbon as a symbol to officially open the Simulation Centre at SAS SIMONSBERG (Maritime Warfare Training Centre).

The SA Navy embarked on a joint venture with industry to enhance Naval training with the opening of a cutting edge technology Simulation Centre. The objective of the venture is to enable sailors to gain the necessary practical experience and elevated ability to execute simulated tasks, naval operations and evolutions even in a high-risk environment.

In this joint venture, the state of the art equipment was provided by Cybicom Atlas Defence (CAD) and Counsel for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) whilst the SA Navy provided the facilities.

The Simulation Centre consists of the following display sections:

– A Naval Bridge Simulator Display which is designed to facilitate training of a bridge team in safe navigation of vessels and naval operations;
– A Helicopter Simulator Display which has the main platform, flight controls and a pilot seat;
– A Helicopter Flight Deck Trainer Display which is designed to provide joint training for Flight Deck Controllers and Marine Helicopter Pilots;
– A PC Base Trainer Submarine Display which is a tool to supplement training and education on the on board sensor and weapon system for the submarine command and crew.

The event was attended by members of the Naval Command Council, members of the Fleet Command Board, members of the Fleet and Captains of Industry.

Image: SA Navy