USS Germantown Undertakes Warfare Certifications

US Navy’s USS Germantown (LSD 42) underwent complete Amphibious Warfare, Aviation, and Mobility Air certifications over the course of several weeks from March until May of 2015.

The ship’s warfare teams, led by Deck Department’s 1st Leiutenant, Lt. Smith; Division Officers Ensign Myung and Ensign Chien; and Department Leading Chief Petty Officer, BMCS Brown; began preparations for the certification months in advance.

Ensign Myung said:

These certifications were all about planning, planning and more planning. It required extreme care in referencing the checklists to create a detailed plan of actions and milestones and close coordination with Deck, Engineering, Operations, and Supply Departments to meet the listed deadlines.

The Aviation Facilities and MOB-A certifications culminated in scores of 95.5% and unrestricted rotary wing flight deck operations with five of the six MOB-A sub scores achieving 95% or greater .

During the Amphibious Warfare (AMW) certification the crew conducted 18 certification events and scored 100 percent in LCAC Well Deck Operations, AAV Well Deck Operations, CRRC Well Deck Operations, Ballast and Deballast Operations, and Amphibious Assault Direction System (AADS).

USS Germantown continues to demonstrate that a steady strain approach and proper prior preparation are necessary tools for successful completion of certification events the first time every time.

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Image: US Navy