HMS Bulwark Rescues Over 1.000 Migrants

On a visit to HMS Bulwark, UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon praised efforts being made by the Royal Navy in the Search and Rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

Mr Fallon’s visit came as HMS Bulwark was called to assist with its largest rescue operation since deploying last month, which has so far today seen over 1,000 migrants being rescued.

This brings the total number of individuals rescued so far by HMS Bulwark to over 2,700.

These migrants are part of a wave of more than 3,000 that have recently left Libya in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean.

HMS Bulwark and three Royal Navy Merlin Helicopters deployed on 5 May and have played a leading role in the Search and Rescue mission, part of a wider EU effort to stem the flow of irregular/illegal migration across the Mediterranean.

Image: Royal Navy