Four Egyptian Navy Corvettes to Get Hull Protection Systems

Cathelco are providing hull corrosion protection systems for four corvettes which are being supplied to the Egyptian Navy by DCNS, the leading French defence contractors.

The first of the Gowind 2500 corvettes will be built at DCNS Lorient, but the three others will be constructed in Alexandria with training and technical support provided by DCNS as part of a ‘technology transfer’ initiative.

With a length of 102 metres and a displacement of 2,600 tonnes, the Gowind corvettes represent the very latest in technological advances. The multi-mission combat vessels are equipped with air defence, land strike and ship to ship missiles, enabling them to carry out a range of missions from protection of sovereignty to combating terrorism and illegal trafficking.

The Cathelco impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems will safeguard the underwater surfaces of the vessels against corrosion throughout their operational life.

In addition, the corvettes will each be fitted with shaft earthing systems.

Image: DCNS