Spain and Algeria Take Part in Joint Exercise

As a result of the bilateral agreement between the Ministries of Defense of Spain and Algeria, an exercise has been conducted off Cartagena with the Spanish Navy offshore patrol vessel ‘Cazadora’, the rescue ship ‘Neptuno’ and the Algerian Navy patrol boat ‘El-Kanas’.

The exercise included damage control, search and rescue and Maritime Interdiction (MIO) operations on board the ‘Cazadora’ and the ‘El-Kanas’.

The Algerian patrol boat had a team of ten divers and a doctor specialized in hyperbaric medicine, all trained in the Spanish Navy Diving School. A total of 20 joint immersions were carried out, half of them with direct air supply from the ‘Neptuno’ and the other 10 with scuba diving equipment.

Other drills included emergency procedures, air supply to a simulated damaged submarine, use of the underwater robot NAVAJO and the side scan sonar KLEIN 3900.

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Image: Spanish Navy

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