SNMG1 Works on Amphibious Operations

Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) is participating in Exercise CONTEX/PHIBEX15 (CTX/PHI 15), a Portuguese Navy-led joint, multinational maritime exercise designed to enhance flexibility and interoperability.

CONTEX/PHIBEX15, which runs through the end of the week, involves the training of naval forces supporting amphibious operations in a highly demanding and complex scenario. The exercise involves 20 surface vessels from Portugal, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany and France, a Portuguese submarine and fixed and rotary wing aircraft units from ESPS JUAN CARLOS I and the Portuguese Air Force.

SNMG1 participants are the flagship NRP D. FRANCISCO DE ALMEIDA and HNLMS TROMP under the command of Rear Admiral Alberto Correia (PRT Navy). Portuguese and Spanish Marines are also participating, raising the total number of exercise personnel to 4000.

Amphibious and Maritime Interdiction Operations will take place during the second phase of CTX/PHI, demonstrating the level of proficiency, capability and interoperability to plan and execute advanced operations in a collective defence context.