US Navy’s PCs Carry Out Test and Proficiency Fire

Five coastal patrol ships (PC) of the US Navy that have been outfitted with the Griffin Missile System (GMS) conducted a test and proficiency fire June 26-28.

The patrol coastal ship USS Monsoon (PC 4) conducted the test fire while USS Typhoon (PC 5), USS Firebolt (PC 10), USS Sirocco (PC 6) and USS Whirlwind (PC 11) conducted a proficiency fire.

Guided missiles like the GMS enhance the engagement capability of the PCs and will be integrated with existing crew-served weapons allowing the PCs to enhance their capability to defend themselves against small boat threats.

Adapted from aviation and special operations platforms, the GMS consists of a government-designed launcher and weapons control system, BRITE Star II forward looking infrared (FLIR) sensor/laser designator, and Raytheon’s Griffin B (Block II) missile.

The remaining five PCs in Bahrain are scheduled to receive the GMS by October 2015.

Image: US Navy