DCNS Tests Its POLARIS Mission System

In the frame of the OPV L’Adroit’s stopovers conducted by the French Navy in Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal in May and June this year, DCNS successfully conducted three demonstrations of its POLARIS® mission system, in conjunction with the interoperable NIDL® tactical data link solution.

These tests took place in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Guinea, an area in which over one quarter of worldwide acts of piracy are concentrated.

DCNS conducted three demonstration operations for POLARIS® and NIDL® on 28 May in Douala (Cameroon), 10 June in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and 22 June in Dakar (Senegal). The simulation of a sea-rescue and offender interception scenario under real conditions required the deployment of the POLARIS® mission system in a land-based centre as well as on board L’Adroit. The representatives of the Cameroonian, Ivory Coast and Senegalese Navies each provided their support to the real-time deployment of data-transmission capacities between the land-based operations centre and the OPV deployed at sea.

POLARIS is an on-board mission system covering all surveillance needs for the aero-maritime space by making use of a wide variety of sensors and the automatic detection and analysis of suspicious behaviours.

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Image: DCNS

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