SA Navy Vessels Sail to Knysna, South Africa

In light of the recent Oyster Festival in Knysna, South Africa, two SA Navy Mine Counter Measure (MCM) vessels paid a visit to the city.

SAS UMZIMKULU and SAS UMHLOTI entered the Knysna heads on July 7 and 9, respectively.

The SA Navy has been invited to participate in the Oyster Festival ever since its inauguration which dates back to 1983. The then Chief of the SA Navy, Vice Admiral A.P. Putter, attended the Oyster festival the following year. Since then, Knysna has been honoured with visits by Chiefs of the Navy.

Knysna was celebrating a 32 year anniversary of the Oyster Festival, but the SA Navy only commemorates its 28th visit to Knysna.

The Knysna port is regarded as one of the top 10 most dangerous ports in the world.

Image: SA Navy